Does HBcams work on mobile devices?

Yes, the latest version of the site works on modern mobile devices, both Android and Apple-based.

Can you add audio?

The cameras are located indoors. There are no plans to add audio feeds at this point.

Can you add the ability to remotely control the camera?

We purposely use stationary cameras so everyone can enjoy the same high quality views.

The cameras look hazy, like the window needs to be cleaned. Can this be improved?

The windows are cleaned on a regular basis but certain weather condition can cause the windows to become hazy more quickly.

It would be great to see HD streams from these cameras. Can you add that?

All of the cameras on stream in HD. To enjoy the full high definition view, mouse over the live stream and click the full screen button.

Are you accepting advertising sponsors on

Please reach out to us on our contact form with your proposal.

Can I embed the live stream on my web site?

The live camera streams are available as licensed embeddable streams. Please contact us for pricing information.

I have a question not covered in the FAQ or I’d like to submit my opinion, suggestions or comments.

We would love to hear from you. Please use our contact form.